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My virtual Me


There are 2.1 billion Internet users worldwide, 555 million websites, more than 800 million Facebook accounts, 225 million Twitter accounts, over 164 million blogs – those numbers are still growing. Do our social networking sites show the truth about us? Is it possible to hide our weaknesses and highlight our strengths on every single profile we have on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Myspace? Finally, do all our social media profiles have a uniform look?

There is a huge number of information you can learn about people by looking at their profiles. Status updates and posts present thoughts, opinions and everything else that their authors want to tell us about themselves. From shared music and videos we can learn how someone feels or what mood he/she is in. Pictures tell us about their owner’s way of spending free time, places where they relax and people they do it with. Friends – their number isn’t the only thing that provides us with some insight. It is also their age, place of living and interests that count – after all, we like people who are similar to us. At last, groups that we belong to show our hobbies; things we like and/or hate; people who we admire; our sense of humor.

This list is long, and at some points, may be even surprising. Keeping a uniform look on the web – the same profile picture, name, declared profession or interests – can give us a little more control over our virtual presence. Yes, we do select information that we want people to learn about us (don’t we do the same in real life?). As long as we are their authors, they reflect a little bit of our true selves. Not only that we share on the web our true self. We develop our virtual self, we pursue our ideal picture of us and at the end… we develop our real self.